Is your organisation pausing to re-evaluate how to make remote working more effective – not just for the short term but as a future mode of working too?

Could your employees benefit from guidance based on the latest neuroscientific principles on the most successful ways to approach remote work?

If you’ve answered yes to either question, then we can help you.

Remote working has created a whole host of challenges for companies and their employees. Three of the major issues we are regularly hearing about from organisations are:

The loss of the natural working day rhythm

People are creatures of habit.  When they are all operating within a shared physical workspace, that reinforces the natural rhythm of their day. When employees work remotely, a lot of this rhythm is lost – or at best, only held together by what can be a very draining diary of Zoom calls!

Communication has become far less spontaneous

Although the working day is often peppered with formal meetings, there are many other informal or incidental social moments that happen in the workplace. When working remotely, these moments are more difficult to recreate. Yet they are critical for the flow of information both within and between teams and individuals. 

Employees are struggling to stay focused

Focus is key to productivity. But when employees are working remotely, it can be difficult to get into a work mindset.  There are often more distractions to overcome and it’s very easy for the mind to wander. 

Alongside these, there are many other unique challenges that organisations are having to navigate as remote working becomes more prevalent. And whatever the future holds, it is likely that flexible and remote working will become more commonplace. That means these challenges will have to be permanently overcome and organisations will need to help their employees perform at their best in a variety of different environments. 

The Building Better Brains Remote Working program: Helping your employees to be physically remote yet have a connected mindset

We have put together a program that ensures your employees can fully unlock their potential, regardless of whether they are working on site or remotely.

Our Building Better Brains Remote Working program ensures that your employees develop the vital core skills, behaviours and mindframes they need to be productive and successful in their work. And it goes beyond that too. The program will help them navigate the challenges that arise from remote working – but they will also discover how to capitalize on all of the opportunities it presents too. 

These are just a few of the areas our Building Better Brains Remote Working program will help you address in your organisation:

  • Continuing to foster creativity & innovation

  • Maintaining high performance

  • Ensuring career progression

  • Making consistently high-quality decisions

  • Learning independently in a self-directed motivated way

  • Developing emotional intelligence

  • Creating a connected team in a virtual workplace

  • Mastering the art of problem solving, both independently and through virtual collaboration

  • Maintaining wellbeing during difficult times

  • Managing remote teams

How does the program work? 

Within the program, there are 40 bitesize videos, lasting around 18 minutes each. Every video covers a topic in an easy to understand and engaging way; the program is designed to enable change to start quickly with exercises included that help employees start applying what they have learned straight away.

If required, the program can be tailored or branded to your company’s requirements.

Are you interested in finding out more?

Then please do contact us to learn more about Synaptic Potential and the companies we’ve already helped, and to discover how this program will benefit your organisation.