Management Capability Programme

How important are your managers to the successful delivery of your business objectives?

“It can be stated that it is necessary for a company to create an innovative institution culture and to have managers who have high level of emotional intelligence in order to increase the employees’ performance at work.”

You know managers can make or break a team. They can facilitate amazing performance. But we imagine you’ve also seen them cause burnout, presenteeism, absenteeism, low morale, poor engagement and abysmal performance. Not to mention make people truly miserable.


We want you to have the list of evidence based skills, behaviours and mindframes that managers who get the best out of their people possess.

Higher psychological safety is linked to better team knowledge sharing and creativity.

Neuroscience told us that psychological safety was critical to workplace performance long before Google’s Project Aristotle echoed the findings. They are absolutely right though, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ is a noble and efficient goal.

We use science to build manager capabilities that will be vital for the future of work. We equip you to be ahead of the trends.

Our neuroscience based programme enables you to build manager capability that:

  • Directly positively impacts performance

  • Creates a healthy and productive culture

  • Builds curiosity and fascination (as our content is so fresh and cutting edge)

  • Stretches and stimulates experienced managers, while laying great foundations for juniors

  • Develops all of the skills and mindsets that will remain linked to human roles

Request a brochure on the neuroscience inspired Manager Capability Programme or email us to make an appointment to discuss how this programme can be tailored to advancing your business objectives.

In the brochure you will find out:

  • The key features and benefits of the programme

  • Why we created the programme and how other organizations are using it

  • How you can select modules that best fit your people

  • What your CEO will want to know

  • How you can get started