I want talented, strong and visionary leaders. What’s the magic formula?


Well unfortunately there isn’t a magic formula. Or not in the strictest sense. If it was that easy then everyone would be a good leader. But we know this isn’t the case. What we do know is that some people are better leaders than others. Some people have a more comprehensive set of brain skills which make them better leaders than others.

So what does this set of leadership brain skills look like? Well we learnt from science and our experience working with top global companies that it includes things like being cognitively flexible, displaying the right forms of dominance, demonstrating foresight, having emotional resilience, expressing empathy, communicating persuasively, and having executive presence.

Although this list might not look new to you, the prize is in the detail. Because it is only by translating each of these skills and assets down to the level of the brain, do you really start to gain an insight into what they actually mean.

Only then can you start to understand how to improve and strengthen these skills to create leaders who are visionary, resilient, trustworthy and respected.

Want to know more about the brain skills you should foster to ensure strong leadership throughout your organization?