I want my employees to be more engaged. What works best?


One concern that many organisations have is how to maximize employee engagement. How to ensure they stay on task. That they don’t become distracted or procrastinate, wasting valuable work time and harming productivity and the bottom line. Disengaged employees aren’t expressing their full potential. Knowing how to the engage a brain, means knowing how to engage an employee.

Understanding how the brain experiences emotion, how it pays attention and how it sets up expectations is critical to understanding engagement. The sensory systems which pick up on what is going on in your employee’s working environment provides the first gatepost to engagement. But it is what is going on inside your employee’s head which determines how well they take information on board, engage with new organisational manifestos, and participate in workplace communities.

Developing engagement strategies which appeal directly to the brain, bypassing superfluous and unnecessary content which misses the mark, allows you to maximise value and minimise wastage.

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