I know coaching is important for employee development, but how do I maximise its benefit?


People development is a team effort. It shouldn’t be left to the individual but instead should be facilitated by a support network who are there on hand to coach, mentor and provide feedback.

So what kind of guidance should a coach be giving and how should they be delivering this guidance? It’s a question we are often asked and with many years experience we have had plenty of time to narrow down what works and what doesn’t. Our approach focuses on translating the challenges mentioned by the individual into a series of changes which are happening at the level of their brain, and then working out ways to rebalance their brain to allow them to adjust or work through these challenges.

Coaching is therefore a mastery of the mind and brain. You have to know people. But you have to know brains too. Only by knowing both can a coach form a holistic impression of the issues and challenges faced by the individual, and formulate a plan which will enable them to grow, develop and thrive within the organisation.

But the support network extends beyond the coach. The coach has to operate within a culture of openness, transparency and trust. A psychologically safe place where employees feel able to express themselves, be themselves and reach their full potential.

Want to equip your internal Coaches with additional resources they can use to support your people?