Why should you become a member?

High performance is on most senior leader’s agendas. Science has advanced hugely over the last 5 years.

Do you currently utilise the latest scientific findings to inform how you support your people?

If you could improve performance by 10%, what would that mean for the organization?

The #neuroscienceatwork community is focused on just that.

How much does it cost?

Early adopters will always be able to remain in the #neuroscienceatwork community for free. We are focused on serving HR, L&D and senior leaders in this community who are active in an organisation.

We will double check we’re the right fit for you when you request to join.

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Who’s behind the Community?

Unleashing the potential of your people is what we live for. No one knows brains, as we do, and you’ll see that passion in our multi-disciplinary team: we are the geeks, who love staying current in how you can optimize thinking and performance, so you can relax, knowing your people are receiving cutting-edge and insight-rich content in a way that positively shapes them.

Amy Brann, author of several books on the application of neuroscience to the workplace, leads the team which is comprised of simply brilliant people. Jen is the Oxford educated neuroscientist fantastic at translating complex ideas into easily comprehendible chunks. Stu brings the concepts to life through engaging bite-sized animated videos. Fran is the head of our community and brings such passion and energy and excitement to help more people learn more about how they work.

Includes access to our library of insights

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