Building Better Brains

Do your senior leaders want to find ways to facilitate high performance?

Do the latest scientific findings inform how you support your people and if not, would you
like them to?

If you could improve performance by even a few per cent, could that have a big impact on
the organisation?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then read on…

At a practical level, high performance means different things but all forms of high
performance require the brain to be working at its very best. This takes time and practice –
high performance doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s the result of a High Performing Neural
Environment and it requires the brain to be shaped over a period of time to reach its

That’s where the Building Better Brains programme can help you

Building Better Brains is a game-changing programme designed to teach tested and trusted development techniques based on neuro-scientific insights into how brains best improve.

A week at a time, the programme will introduce your employees to new ways they can develop themselves, with lessons created to make sure skills are simple to learn, master and retain.

How does the Building Better Brains programme enable employees to access
their potential better than ever before?

The programme enables employees to change the way their brains function through
continuous improvement, underpinned by our in-depth understanding of neuroplasticity
and adaptability. It translates their brains’ learning capital into tangible benefits for their
personal development and career success. It helps them discover how to maximise
resilience and endurance and protect mental health at work to prevent burnout.

These are just a few of the capability benefits you can expect from our Building Better Brains approach:

  • Improved problem solving abilities

  • Increased creativity & innovation

  • Effective decision making

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence

  • More flexibility

  • Enriched engagement

  • Better wellbeing

How does the programme work? 

Using a combination of evidence-based strategies and fascinating novel bite-sized videos, the programme has been designed to enable change to start quickly. The user-friendly visually engaging videos focus on key organisational questions and solutions, and are
combined with applied exercises that embed new knowledge into existing work practices.

Each 15 minute module has five parts:

1 – Setting the scene and defining the problem: Why does it matter? What are the benefits of solving it?

2&3 – The proven science behind it all: Why should your employees believe and trust it?

4 – Practical exercises: Master the skill and make it real.

5 – The Wrap Up: Reviewing takeaways, actions and reinforcing value to sustain what’s been learned.

Being able to do one lesson in about 12-15 minutes when I have the time is great.  Although I try to do a few at a time so I can really get in a ‘learning mode.’” 


Government Employee 

  • Engaging bite-sized knowledge chunks delivered on a week-by-week basis.

  • Delivered via user-friendly videos – no heavy reading needed.

  • Superior training content based on sound insights Flexible delivery format to fit with busy weekly schedules.

  • Developed based on brain principles of multidimensional learning.

  • Easy-to-follow and hands-on exercises that support continual learning.

  • Key takeaways highlighted to help with consolidation.

I thought they were fabulous! Informative, energetic and inspiring.” 


Government Employee 

Interested in finding out more?

In our Building Better Brains brochure you will find out about:

  • How the programme has the potential to transform your organisation

  • The key features and benefits of each of the 50 topics covered in the programme

  • How the programme evolved 

  • How the programme can be used to build learning and coaching cultures 

  • How you can get started

Contact us for a copy of the Building Better Brains brochure, or to make an appointment to discuss how the programme can be tailored around advancing your specific business objectives.