Building a Learning Culture

People who love to learn and develop themselves are the employees of the future.

Creating powerful learning environments is crucial as our society moves to a knowledge economy.

Imagine agile, flexible teams who are keen to embrace change. New software comes out and they can’t wait to get started playing with it. A new approach to performance management is rolled out – and they’re calling each other up to share tips on what’s worked for them. Or a pandemic strikes and they embrace new ways of working. (Well we know you’ve experienced at least part of one of the scenarios!).

Attitude trumps. If your culture both encourages and facilitates ongoing learning then benefits flow from this.

98% of learning and development (L&D) practitioners wish to develop a positive culture for learning, but only 36% feel like they’ve developed one.

We use science to build a learning culture that just keeps fuelling performance. Your people are met where they are currently at…and then taken on a journey to rediscover their natural love of learning.

Our neuroscience based programme enables you to build a learning culture that:

  • Continues to inspire people to improve themselves

  • Aligns learning with business objectives they’re responsible for delivering

  • Facilitates connection, collaboration and iterative thinking

  • Drives improvements

  • Encourages personal responsibility

Request a brochure on The Neuroscience of Building a Learning Culture or email us to make an appointment to discuss how this programme can be tailored to advancing your business objectives.

In the brochure you will find out:

  • The key features and benefits of the programme

  • Why we created the programme and how other organizations are using it

  • How you can select modules that best fit your people

  • What your CEO will want to know

  • How you can get started