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What Programmes are Available?

Neuroscience of Wellbeing

Building a Learning Culture

After pioneering the development of human capital, for nearly two decades in enterprises of all sizes, you can now help your people dramatically up their game.

Thanks to our game-changing teaching breakthrough, you’ll get access to learning tools, empowering your people to upgrade their brains, and become the best that they can be. Instead of experiencing the excitement that fades after a workshop or dense curriculum, sending your people’s eyeballs rolling, you’ll gain tools they will look forward to: easily digestible bite-size chunks delivered week-by-week.

Built to inspire your people to greater heights, yielding sustainable results you’ll see. The Neuroscience at Work programme is how to optimize your most valuable asset “Your People” and doing that, makes everything possible for your organization.

What Our Programmes are About


Learning that's Multi-Dimensional, Not Linear, and Ongoing, Not Short-Lived

We’ve engineered a process that begins with an understanding of multi-dimensional learning, added our determination to raise the bar, and then did something that truly sets us apart. Inspiring engagement and shaping innovation with insight that isn’t fleeting.

Content designed to provide takeaways and tools that are the basis for people to take responsibility to become the best they can be.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

Our Content is Scientifically Underpinned?


Unleashing the potential of your people is what we live for. No one knows brains, as we do, and you’ll see that passion in our multi-disciplinary team: we are the geeks, who love staying current in how you can optimize thinking and performance, so you can relax, knowing your people are receiving cutting-edge and insight-rich content in a way that positively shapes them.


Each series has five distinct 3-minute-ish parts. The first piece sets the scene, defines the problem, why it matters and the benefits of solving it. The second and third pieces explain the proven and inarguable science behind it all; why your people can believe and trust it.


Fourth, we provide practical exercises to master the skill and make it real, before we wrap it all up, reviewing takeaways, actions and reinforcing value to sustain what’s been learned.


Building Better Brains is a game-changing programme designed to teach trusted, tested development tools. Reimagined weekly lessons make skills easier to learn, master and retain.

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